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Castles & history from ancient castles to local heroes

Bletchley Park

Home of the Enigma codebreakers and made famous by the film 'The Imitation Game' starring Benedict Cumberbatch & Keira Knightley. Step back to a time where extraordinary scholars changed history

Warwick Castle

Constructed by William the Conquerer this fortified castle has known battles, sieges, romance and tragedy throughout the ages.

Today it hosts a huge range of events from jousting, archery, falconry and feasting. Experience the sights and sounds of medieval England in the footsteps of Warwick the Kingmaker and see the largest working siege machine in the world with the trebuchet fireball spectacular.

20 minutes by car

Facilities include a cafe housed in a former WW2 Naval Intelligence Codebreaking Hut and visitors centre with coffee shop and snack kiosk.

During the peak season cream teas are available in the Mansion where you can dine in style on delicate cakes and sandwiches.

45 minutes by car

Facilities include restaurant, cafe, shops, maze play area and daily attractions.